A Comprehensive Comparison of Precice 2 and Precice Stryde Methods
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  • A Comprehensive Comparison of Precice 2 and Precice Stryde Methods
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A Comprehensive Comparison of Precice 2 and Precice Stryde Methods

6 Eylül 2023 18:32
A Comprehensive Comparison of Precice 2 and Precice Stryde Methods



Limb lengthening surgery is a remarkable medical procedure designed to address various orthopedic conditions, such as limb length discrepancies, congenital deformities, and post-traumatic injuries. Over time, medical advancements have led to the emergence of innovative techniques, with the Precice 2 and Precice Stryde systems at the forefront of these developments.

Precice 2 Method

The Precice 2 method stands as a pioneering limb lengthening technique that offers several advantages over traditional approaches. It employs an intramedullary nail, typically inserted into the femur or tibia bone. The hallmark of the Precice 2 system is its remote-controlled magnetic mechanism, enabling precise and gradual bone lengthening.

The surgical procedure involves a minimal incision to insert the intramedullary nail and attach an external remote control. Patients can adjust the lengthening process under the guidance of their surgeon by turning the magnetic mechanism. This gradual approach significantly reduces pain compared to older methods and minimizes the risk of complications, such as nerve damage. Furthermore, the Precice 2 system provides real-time feedback, ensuring a safer and more accurate procedure.

Precice Stryde Method

The Precice Stryde method represents the pinnacle of limb lengthening technology. Like the Precice 2 system, it employs an intramedullary nail, but with a notable difference. The Precice Stryde nail is thinner yet stronger, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient comfort during the lengthening process.

A standout feature of the Precice Stryde system is its enhanced weight-bearing capacity. This enables patients to start walking with partial weight bearing earlier than with previous methods, leading to improved rehabilitation and overall quality of life during recovery. The Precice Stryde method is particularly advantageous for individuals with complex limb lengthening needs and those seeking a more efficient and comfortable experience.

Comparison and Conclusion

Both the Precice 2 and Precice Stryde methods mark significant advancements in limb lengthening surgery. They provide patients with the opportunity to achieve their desired limb length with greater precision, reduced discomfort, and enhanced overall outcomes. While the Precice 2 method offers remote control for precise adjustments and real-time feedback, the Precice Stryde method excels in strength, comfort, and quicker weight-bearing capabilities.

The choice between these two methods may depend on the patient’s unique requirements and the surgeon’s recommendations. It is crucial to consult with a skilled orthopedic surgeon who can evaluate individual circumstances and determine the most suitable approach.

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